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International Scientific Conference

International Scientific Conference on  “Prospects and problems of research and education integration into the European area”
The conference will be held on June 7, 2018, at 10:00 am. The work at the conference will be carried out in the following sections:

Political and Administrative Sciences

Legal Sciences

Economic Sciences

Engineering and Exact Sciences

Pedagogy and Psychological Sciences

Historical Sciences

Philological Sciences: Romanian Language and Literature

Philological Sciences: Modern Languages

The working languages of the conference will be Romanian, Russian, English and French. Those who are interested in taking part in this scientific conference are requested to submit the attendance form until 20 May 2018, and the text of the conference paper until           31 May 2018 to the email address of the contact person indicated in the table below:

No Sections Contact person E-mail, telephone
1. Political and Administrative Sciences Bercu Oleg,

079057687, 069319629

2. Legal Sciences Blașcu Olesea,

068224266, 079011664

3. Economic Sciences Nedelcu Ana,


4. Exact Sciences and Engineering Ceclu Liliana


5. Pedagogy and Psychological Sciences Radu Corina,


6. Historical Sciences and Social Sciences Gheleţchi Ion,


7. Philological Sciences: Romanian language and literature Luchianciuc Natalia, 076002877
8. Philological Sciences: Modern Languages Fuciji Marianna,


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